The Guardian Angel


An Italian-American, who lived in California, sometimes entrusted his Guardian Angel to report some messages to Padre Pio. Once, after the confession, he asked Padre Pio “if he really had received his messages from his Guardian Angel?”  Father Pio asked him: “What do you think? Do you think I am hard of hearing?” After that Padre Pio repeated the messages that were sent him some days before by his Guardian Angel.   


A Father Lino said: “I was begging my Guardian Angel to bring padre Pio a request of prayer for a lady who was very sick, but it seemed that nothing changed. When I met Padre Pio I told him: “Father, I begged my Guardian Angel in order to bring you a request of prayer for a woman who is very it possible he didn’t do it? And Padre Pio answered: “Do you believe your Guardian Angel to be disobedient as you and me?

A Father Eusebio said: I was going to London by plane, against Padre Pio’s suggestion not to use this mean of transport. When we were flying over the Channel, a violent storm put the aeroplane in danger. Amid the general terror I prayed and, without knowing what to do, I sent my Guardian Angel to Padre Pio. When I went back to St. Giovanni Rotondo I met Padre Pio who said to me, “Are you well?  Is everything OK?”   I answered;   “I thought I’d die,” the saintly padre responded, “then why don’t you obey?  I responded “But I have sent you my Guardian Angel...  Padre Pio then said, “Fortunately he arrived just in time!“.

An Italian lawyer was driving coming back home from Bologna. In his FIAT 1100 were also his wife and their two children. At one point, he wanted to be replaced inFOTO10.jpg (4634 byte) driving the car because he was very tired. He asked his son Guido to drive instead of him but he didn’t answer because his son was sleeping.  Some kilometres later, next to the gate of St. Lazzaro, the lawyer fell asleep too. When he woke-up he realised he was not far from Eternity. That meant that while he was sleeping he had run on the railway for several kilometres. He was very frightened so he cried: “who was guiding the car? And what has happened?” but nobody could answer him. His son, who was on his right side, woke up and told him he had slept deeply. His wife and the smaller child were incredulous and marvelled. They said he had driven differently than usual. They said, “At one time the car was going to crash into another car but at the last moment it avoided the crash with a perfect manoeuvres. The way it took the curves was also different. But above all - his wife said: “you have been immovable for a lot of time and you have not answered our questions.” The lawyer said, “I could not answer because I was asleep. I have slept for fifteen kilometres. I haven’t felt anything because I slept...but who was driving the car? Who has prevented the catastrophe?  After a couple of months the mystery was disclosed, the lawyer went to St. Giovanni Rotondo. As soon as Padre Pio saw him, he said him, “You slept and the Guardian Angel drove your car.”

One of Padre Pio’s spiritual daughters was walking along a country road to the Convent. There Padre Pio was waiting for her. It was one of those winter days, bleached by the snow in which it was even difficult to walk. The road was so full of snow that the woman had the certainty she would not reach the Convent in time for the appointment with the director. Full of faith, she charged his Guardian Angel to tell Padre Pio she would have arrived at the convent late because of the snow. When she reached the convent she saw with enormous joy that the monk was waiting for her behind a window.  He greeted her smiling.

A man told: “Padre Pio often, stopped in the sacristy greeting his spiritual children and friends by kissing them. I looked with holy envy on those so fortunate and I thought: “Blessed him! If I were him! Blessed! Blessed him! On Christmas 1958, I knelt, in front of Padre Pio for confession. Afterwards, I looked at him and while full of emotion I asked him: “Father, today is the Christmas day, can I wish you Merry Christmas by giving you a kiss? And he, with a sweetness that I am not able to describe with the pen, smile at me and said: “Hurry up, my child, don’t make me waste time“! He also embraced me. I kissed him and as a bird, joyful, I went toward the exit full of celestial delights. And what can I say about some slaps on the head? Every time, before leaving from St. Giovanni Rotondo, I desired father Pio gave me a sign of particular predilection. In fact I also wanted two small slaps on the head as two fatherly caresses. I have to underline that he never refused me anything I wanted to receive from him. One day, there were a lot of people in the sacristy of the small church and father Vincenzo exhorted, with his usual severity: “don’t push, don’t shake Padre Pio’s hands go back“! I sadly thought: “This time I will leave without having the blows on the head.” I didn’t want to resign me and I begged my Guardian Angel to become a messenger and to repeat these words to Padre Pio: “Father I desire the benediction and the two blows on the head, as usual, one for me and the other for my wife”. Padre Vincenzo was still repeating “don’t push Padre Pio...stay far from him!” when Padre Pio started walking. I was in anxiety. I looked at him but I was sad. Suddenly Padre Pio came to me, he smiled and he gave me two taps and it made me also kiss his hand, “I would like to give you a lot of slaps...a lot of slaps, “ he told me the first time that I asked him for the small slaps.


A woman was sitting in the square of the church of the capuchins. The Church was closed. It was Late and she prayed with the thought, and she repeated with the heart: “Padre Pio, help me! Guardian Angel, please, go to tell father Pio to help me, otherwise my sister will die“! From the window above her Padre Pio’s voice came: “Who is calling me at this time? What is the problem? The woman told about her sister’s illness. Padre Pio went in bilocation, to the sick woman and healed her.

A guy told Father Pio: I cannot come and see you very often. My salary doesn’t allow me such expensive trips. Father Pio answered: “Who has told you to come here? You have your Guardian Angel, don’t you? You tell him what you want, you send him here, and you will have the answer.”

When father Pio was a young priest he wrote a letter to his confessor in which he said: “when I close my eyes and the night comes, I can see the Heaven that appears in front of me. I am encouraged by this vision so I can sleep with a sweet smile on the lips and with a perfect calm on the forehead waiting my small companion of my infancy came to wake up me and start praying together prayers to the beloved of our hearts.”

One day Padre Alessio approached Padre Pio with some letters in his hand in order to ask him something but Padre Pio told him abruptly, “Don’t you see that I am busy? Leave me alone.” Padre Alessio went away mortified.  Padre Pio later called him and told him, “Have you seen all those angels that were near me? They were the Guardian Angels of my spiritual children that came to bring me their messages.  I had to report to them the answers they needed.”

A doctor asked Padre Pio, “So many angels are always near you.  Do they bother you?” “No, they don’t,” he answered simply, “They are very obedient.”

Father Pio said to a person: "We will pray for your mother, so that the Guardian Angel will be with her in company."

One of the spiritual children of Padre Pio said: “ It seems that Padre Pio always listens to everybody who calls him.” One evening, a group of friends arrived to St. Giovanni Rotondo. They summarized the graces that they would have asked of Padre Pio, and they asked their Guardian Angels to bring their request to Padre Pio as soon as possible.  The next day,  after the Holy Mass, Padre Pio reproached them: “You do not leave me in peace even at night!” Watching Padre Pio’s smile they understood their prayer had been accepted.

A person asked Padre Pio, “Father, are you able to hear what the Guardian Angels tell you?”  And Padre Pio answered: “Of course! Do you think Angels are disobedient as you? Send me your Guardian Angel!”

Don’t write to me because I cannot answer you. Send me your Guardian Angel and I will do everything.                                                                                                               

Your Guardian Angel has reported to me some sentences that have made me understand your mistrust.                                                                                             

Invoke your Guardian Angel that he will illuminate you and will guide you. God has given him to you for this reason. Therefore use him!

If the mission of our Guardian Angel is a great mission, the mission of mine is for sure greater than the others, because he has to be a teacher and explain to me other languages.                                                                

Send me your Guardian Angel - he doesn’t have to pay a ticket for the train and he doesn’t wear out his shoes.                                                                                                  

For people that live alone there is the Guardian Angel.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

One day in the Convent, Padre Pio was sitting in the garden next to his room. Padre Alessio Parente, due to the fact they were alone in the garden, asked him some advise about a answer he had received in a letter. But Padre Pio said in a harsh tone: “Please, leave me alone. Do you not see that I am busy ? To be honest Padre Alessio could not see anyone around him, he did not say anything. But Padre Alessio thought: “Why did he said he was busy if nobody is around? He is just moving the Rosary in his hand.”

Padre Pio knew what Padre Alessio was thinking and he said: “Have you seen all the Guardian Angels of my spiritual sons that were standing in front of me? They go and they come and they do not leave me alone even for a moment.”

However he did not hesitate to give Padre Alessio the answer he was looking for.

The Guardian Angel used to help Padre Pio in his fights against the Devil. In some Padre Pio's letter to his spiritual father we can read: “With my Guardian Angel's help I was able to read the letter you sent me. My Guardian Angel gave me the advise to put some blessed water on the envelop before opening it. The Devil wants to defeat me but he will be crushed. My Guardian Angel assures to me that the Paradise is with us. Last Night the Devil appeared to me under the sharp of our Provincial Monk and he ordered to me not to write  a letter to you because it is contrary to the poverty and it is a serious obstacle to the perfection. My dear Father, I confess my weakness, since I cried a lot because I believed it was true. I had no suspected that it was a Devil's lie but my Guardian Angel told me it was a Devil's lie. Only Jesus knows which effort I had to do in order to be persuaded. That friend of my infancy, my Guardian Angel, always tries to support me and to give me some hope” (Ep. 1, p. 321).

The Guardian Angel used to translate the French language for Padre Pio who had never studied it at school. One time Padre Agostino asked Padre Pio: "Please, remove a curiosity from my mind: Who has taught the French language to you? You have never liked it but now you like it (letter of the 20-04-1912).

The Guardian Angel used to translate also the greek languages for Padre Pio. The priest of Pietrelcina (the town where Padre Pio came from) send to Padre Pio a letter in greek language and he said: "What do you think about this letter? Maybe your Guardian Angel can help you in reading it".

At this regard that priest made an official written statement:

"Pietrelcina, 25 August 1919. I state and undersign that after receiving the letter, Padre Pio explained literally to me all the content. I asked Padre Pio how was this possible fro him to read the letter since he had never studied the Greek alphabe an he said: "You know. The Guardian Angel explained it to me..

In Padre Pio's letters we can also read: "The Guardian Angel came to wake me up in order to pray together our Lord at the beginning of the day" (Ep. 1, p. 308).                        

One time Padre Pio was able to complain with his Guardian Angel and his Angel answered: "My dear. Say thank you to our Jesus because he put you on the Calvary. I see with joy and commotion what Jesus does with you. I am happy because I see you in troule. This is for your advantage. Jesus allows the Devil to attack you because He wants you to be like Him in the anguish of the desert, of the garden and of the Cross. Do not worry I am nearby." (Ep. 1, p. 330-331)

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